All the Truth is Out

All the Truth is Out
by Matt Bai

An interesting book, on the surface, written about politician Gary Hart. Gary Hart was a former presidential hopeful in 1987, until news of a possible affair came to light. Of course, this book was not only about that.

The book also talks about the changes in journalism that really caused that mess with Gary Hart. Bai details the differences between journalists when JFK was president to the 1980s. For sometime, journalists wouldn’t venture into politicians’ personal lives. They remained personal.

All around I felt it was rather interesting. If never heard of Gary Hart before this, so I was certainly learning something new. The author, I felt, had an issue with going on tangents about a subject that wasn’t relevant to the topic he was writing about previously. However, I do think Bai gets a pass for that since those tangents eventually lead back to the main topic and enhanced your understanding of it.


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