So, today was the first day of the Washington Journalism and Media Conference.  I have to say, I was very nervous!  After all, this is the first time I’ve ever stayed in another state without anyone I already knew.  But, I have to say, if the rest of the week is like today I won’t have any problems.  Today was so much fun!

It was really hot today, so that wasn’t so much fun; but I’ve met some awesome people so far!  There are so many students from all fifty states.  I myself share a suite with two girls from Tennessee and a girl from Michigan.  As someone who hasn’t left her state much, I think it is pretty neat to meet people who live in another state.

I met my color group today as well!  Our group advisors are really nice.  We even have a group chat with all of us in it!  The people in the group are pretty cool too.  I’m really looking forward to getting to know them.

Today itself was honestly rather uneventful.  Though, I suppose that’s to be expected since it was the first day.  Most people were still checking in.  There was a tour of the campus.  I have to say, George Mason has a really nice campus.  The buildings are beautiful, its nice and big.  My dad said it was nice, but that he liked UAlbany better.  I think he’s a little biased since he went there.

We had dinner at Johnson Center, which is a really big building.  The food was really good and then after we had David Culver speak to us.  I felt what he had to say about journalism and getting on your way was very insightful.  “Breaking news will happen,” he said.  This was talking about how something can change at a moment’s notice.  That really struck a chord with me I suppose.   I think it’s important to remember in life that nothing will always work out the way you think it’s supposed to.

Day one done, my feet are tired, I’m sweating bullets, and I’m super excited for the rest of this week.






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