Day two of the Washington Journalism and Media Conference was even better than the first.  It was much more eventful, and it was really fun!

Today we went to Washington D.C. for the majority of the day.  We were a tad late though, thanks to hectic D.C. traffic.  There were two stops planned for us in the city.  The first was at the Newseum and the second was at the National Press Club.

We were late to the Newseum, so we ended up being off-schedule.  Our group started off by looking at a gallery of Pulitzer Prize winning photos.  These photos were spectacular, definitely worthy of their prize.  They all captured emotional moments, good or bad.  All of them were able to take your breath away.

Next was the introductory 4-D movie, which explains the history behind several American journalists, such as Nellie Bly.  Honestly though, I really don’t like the glasses you have to wear.  So, that really took away from the experience for me.  The film was very informative, so I still really enjoyed it.

There were multiple other exhibits, such as the Berlin Wall.  I thought it was really interesting how on the side of the wall that was in West Berlin, it’s covered in graffiti.  On the other side, it’s mostly clear of any.

There were three exhibits that displayed front pages of newspapers.  The first I looked at was front pages from papers today.  These were newspapers from China, Qatar, Brazil, and many other countries.  The papers from the United States had headlines for the recent Baton-Rouge shooting in Louisiana.

The second exhibit was more historical.  There were newspapers from many points in history.  There was one newspaper that had a headline which was one word, “PEACE”.  That paper was published in 1918.  I noticed though, that many headlines seem to be about tragedies.

The third exhibit was all front pages released after 9/11.  There were so many; they took up a whole wall.  There were papers in Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Hebrew.  One particularly memorable headline was in English, “BASTARDS”.  The whole exhibit was somber, not that I’m surprised about that.  There was a short film about 9/11, and I really can’t believe it.  I can’t believe the responses people had to it.

There was a really neat FBI exhibit.  I particularly liked the “Ghost Stories” exhibit, which was about the Russian spies that were discovered in America back in 2010.  There was another about the Unabomber, and another about Charles Lindbergh’s son who was kidnapped and killed.  A short film about hackers and how the internet is home to a new black market, unlike anything before.

I’ve visited the Newseum before.  I was about eleven years old then, and I loved it then.  I’m really glad it held up to my memories of it.  It was amazing and I love it today too.  There’s so much I’ve seen there today that I’m not sure I could really do justice to on my blog post honestly.

Next we headed to the National Press Club to view a panel on politics and to hear a lecture from Terry Anderson.  I did really like the politics panel, but I have to say that Terry Anderson’s speech really took the cake.  I felt that he was an excellent speaker, and he was very passionate about journalism.  I really, really enjoyed his talk.

Day two is done, and I’m so pumped for the rest of the week.  I hope it’s as great as today was!



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