Today was all D.C.  It wasn’t too hot today, which is always a blessing here.  We spent the day listening to three different speakers, and then we walked around various monuments.

Our day started at National Geographic with Susan Goldberg.  It was awesome!  She was an absolutely amazing speaker.  I love how National Geographic uses it’s multiple platforms to tease stories that will eventually come to print.  I was surprised about how popular National Geographic was, though now I’m not as surprised looking back at it now.  National Geographic is everywhere!  I have to say, I think I’ll be subscribing to the magazine when I get back home.

We went to lunch at this Italian restaurant called Buca di Beppo.  The décor was a tad eccentric.  Our table had a bust of a pope as the centerpiece.  There were flags of Vatican city everywhere around us.  There were numerous old pictures.  The food was pretty good, I loved the cheesecake!  I ate the whole thing and I don’t even like cheesecake!

Then we headed off to George Mason University’s campus in Arlington, Virginia.  We listened to Brian Lamb.  Though that felt more like an interview rather than a lecture.  We spoke mainly about politics, such as who you would vote for.  He always had follow-up questions.  He didn’t really speak much himself.

After him was Jamie Smith.  She works in communications, a type of Public Relations.  I felt that she was a very relatable person; more so I think than any of the other speakers honestly.  She was a good storyteller, but it was more of in the way you’d tell a friend of yours rather than an audience.  It was really interesting to see a career that related to journalism that wasn’t being a reporter or an editor.

The monuments were beautiful.  We went to the World War II monument first.  It was so beautiful there.  I loved the fountains in the center, even though people were wading in them.  There are signs specifically saying not to do that!  There were also ducks in the water.  I loved the ducks.

Then we went to the Lincoln Memorial.  It is so big, you feel so small standing next to it.  It was really hot there, as it warmed up from earlier.  We stayed there until a little after sunset.  It was amazing.

Day three is over with! WJMC is an awesome experience so far!



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