Today we stayed on the George Mason campus.  My feet were very happy about this.  However, there weren’t any buses to sleep on this morning.  I was so tired.

Our day started out strong with a lecture from Carol Guzy.   Guzy is a Pulitzer prize winner for her photography.  She seemed like a very cynical person, which was understandable after hearing what she had to say.  She’s seen so many tragedies.  That being said, she was also so empathetic.  She felt the pain caused by every single of the tragedies she’s covered. I don’t think I’ll ever forget what she said, “Objectivity to me, total objectivity, is a myth”.  This was basically how she felt on the thought that journalists can just detach themselves from their stories.

There were numerous amazing speakers today.  I am so sad that this conference is ending so soon.


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