This is two days and a day late.  I think I was too tired and emotional to really write much about the last two days of WJMC.  Fatigue and emotion is a dangerous combination when you want to get stuff done.

Day five was exhausting.  We spent most of it in downtown DC, starting at the Capitol Building where some of the kids had appointments.  I didn’t have one so I had the choice of either going to the Holocaust museum or looking around the Smithsonian.  I chose going to the Smithsonian with a couple of friends of mine.

First, we went to the National Gallery of Art.  There were two buildings, the east of which is currently under renovation.  We went to the west building to look around.  The building itself was grand, the epitome of what you’d picture if you heard the words “art museum”.  I’ll be honest though, art museums aren’t really my thing.  I thought it was kinda boring.

We had lunch at the Cascade café in the gallery.  It was crazy expensive.  It was eighteen dollars just for my food.  It was alright, but definitely not good enough to be worth eighteen dollars.  But, that’s a big city café for you, I guess.

Then we walked to the Air and Space museum.  It was super hot, but totally worth it!  I love the air and space museum.  Its got so many interesting exhibits.  It’s a mix of science and history and I just love it a lot.  I wish we were able to spend more time there.

We left DC around two and headed back to George Mason in order to get ready for the Gala.  I straightened my hair, shout out to my roommate Kelli for letting me borrow her straightener.

The Gala was really fun.  Not much to say about it, it was your regular high school dance.  We were all awkward and stepping on each other.  But it was fun.

I spent a few hours talking with my roommates after we got back.  I’m gonna miss them.

Day six was really emotional because that was the last day.  It was the last time we’d all see each other.  We had breakfast and then we went to our last color group meeting.  We signed each others yearbooks.  I’m really bad at notes so I hope none of them are too upset about that.  April, our faculty advisor, brought minion tattoos for all of us.  I hate the minions, but man do I love this temporary tattoo.

I didn’t think I was gonna cry, I’ve only known these people for a week.  I was wrong about that.  I’m gonna miss them all so much.  I’m glad social media is a thing so we can stay in touch.

Before I left, April had me take a selfie with her.  I still need to ask her to send it to me.  I think I regret not taking more pictures with everyone.  One condition of April’s was that we all had to text when we got home.  We all did, and I’m glad everyone got home safely.

I slept most of the way home, and I was glad to be back.  But, I really miss George Mason, and I really miss this conference.  WJMC was a great experience and I am really sad its over, but I’m happy I had the opportunity to do this.




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